1. They are real!
  2. Yes, they look like a beaver.
  3. Their closest DNA relations are squirrels, but these guys are much bigger.
  4. A fully-grown adult weights about 12kgs and can be the size of a medium dog.
  5. Mummy Marmot is leader of the pack.
  6. The pack are normally all related and can be 8-12 strong.
  7. They hibernate for the winter after fasting on Myrtle berries. Last one in the hole blocks up the entrance for the winter with shrubs. They all cuddle up and go to sleep. It’s minus 20 outside!
  8. They are normally found above 2,000 feet.
  9. The adults take it in turns to be on look-out for predators, foxes and birds of prey.
  10. When they see a predator, they let out a loud screech and the family will run quickly into their burrows.