The lockdown in France was imposed upon us in mid-March and it’s been pretty strict from Day One. It feels like normal life now and I’ve been beating the lockdown blues in all sorts of uplifting ways and share it with you.
It’s been an unusually warm Spring with temperatures in Bourg St Maurice hitting 70F (21C) and above daily so it’s been a time to enjoy some beautiful days on the terrace.
Enabling our staff to return to their loved ones and then closing down the chalets safely was my immediate priority. Then my priority was to be able to work and live safely with Emma, my partner.
I shop weekly for essentials, it’s quick and peaceful and a well disciplined routine. There are no food shortages here and neither are there queues outside our supermarkets. Almost everyone wears a mask and without fail there is a quiet respect for social distancing inside the store.
During the week it’s head down and business administration and in my spare time I’ve been enhancing my guitar skills. I’m by no means a musician but I love playing “Here comes the sun” by George Harrison. Feels pertinent looking forward to the lifting of restrictions.
We have two scruffy little mutts who have enjoyed their daily walks to the river and back and it’s lovely to see springtime arrive with farm animals bearing their young.
We’ve also been watching the local bird life and taken more interest in our beautiful starlit skies. We had a meteor shower this weekend, The Lyrids was a fascinating spectacle to observe.
I have not previously had much time for TV but it’s been relaxing to catch up. I’ve watched Breaking Bad from start to finish, The Messiah was brilliant and thought provoking and Tiger King was so entertaining in its awfulness! I have watched some good documentary movies, Dawn Wall about two incredible free climbers and a movie about an incredible young lady called Bethany Hamilton who was a world champion surfer and with only one arm after a shark attack disabled her in her teens, incredibly inspiring. Throw in some classic movies from the past which included Top Gun, Mr & Mrs Smith and Pretty Woman and a complete rerun of Friends and here I am… looking for something new to catch my interest.
I love cooking of course and relaxing with a good wine. We eat outside on the terrace in the warm sunshine almost always, so life isn’t so bad.
When lockdown is over I’m looking forward most to seeing my daughter and my two lovely grandchildren. We talk a couple of times each week and my heart is aching to spend time with them. It feels like going on holiday might not be possible this summer, but I hope so, it’s the only time I really get to switch off. India was on my hit list this year but I guess that’s going to take a back seat.
For me, lockdown is not so gruelling, it’s a mindset, it’s peaceful and allows me to focus.