Best place to learn to ski – La Rosiere wins by a mile

La Rosiere is the best place to learn to ski, there is no question, this family resort in the French Alps not only wins by a mile, several miles. With big wide open runs on huge, wide south-facing sunny slopes.
As an ex-ski instructor, I have a pretty good grip on what beginner skiers love and what they dislike about their first week on skis.
Amongst the dislike list is:
“the runs are too narrow”
“too many people skiing up behind me”
“where’s the sun?”
And most of all…
“I need a rest”

Ski Famille La Rosiere

Now La Rosiere has built its reputation on family skiing at its best.

Ideal Family Ski Holiday La Rosiere

Learning to Ski in La Rosiere


No lifts to start with just an easy Lutins carpet


For Little Ones


Children’s Group Lessons


Private One-to-One

La Rosiere is close to a good choice of eateries with a budget for everyone.
Huge investment has been put into la Rosiere in the last ten years that has bought the resort up to scratch alongside its better-known competitors, making this resort a massive favourite for beginners and intermediates.

San Bernardo Ski Area

As skills develop throughout the week, most beginners can make the link over to La Thuile in Italy, concluding their fabulous learn-to-ski week.

La Rosiere Facts

La Rosiere is at 1850 meters, which makes this a high altitude resort and with new lifts added in the last couple of years that can whizz you up to 3,000 meters.
There are almost 200kms of skiable piste making it big enough for a good week’s skiing.
It’s steeped in history too with its own fort at the top of the mountain.

Fort de la Redoute Ruinée La Rosiere

La Rosiere is the home of the St.Bernard dog and history suggests that the Roman conqueror, Hannibal, took his elephants over the Alps here.

Saint Bernard La Rosiere


Hannibal and his war elephants crossing the alps

It’s a lovely village too, stylishly constructed and with lots to do.


  1. Cross-border skiing on the only French-Italian ski area in the northern Alps, the Espace San Bernardo.
  2. Guaranteed snow cover from the beginning of December to the end of April. The ski area’s altitude ranges from 1,850 to 2,800m and straddles the Petit Saint-Bernard pass, which means that it benefits from early, high-altitude snowfall.
  3. Slopes bathed in sunshine from dawn to dusk.
  4. Carefully-controlled architecture that preserves the traditional Alpine village atmosphere, with cosy wood and stone chalets topped with roofs made out of local slate or “lauze”.
  5. Discover two different cultures in one holiday, by popping across the border to sample the food in the Aosta Valley (Italy) and in Savoy (France).
  6. A wide variety of activities for you to enjoy with your family and friends!
  7. Local Savoyard dishes such as raclette, fondue or tartiflette. Italian favourites such as pizza, pasta or fontina.
  8. A multitude of events for you to enjoy you throughout the Winter season.
  9. Five beautiful luxury Snowchateaux chalets to choose from for when you stay
  10. And the best place to learn to ski!
Mike Kew