Dealing with Lockdown in France

Dealing with the lockdown seems to be quite different from one country to another.  We have seen the lockdown evolve here in France, from the 17th March 2020, when the type of activity was restricted, to stricter time and activity constraints.

Home Working

I am no stranger to working from home so this aspect was not too hard to deal with, but I can only imagine the chaos for those needing to home-school children and work from home. There’s many resources to help the parent and some are free, so that’s helpful.

Chatting and Socialising

Having got used to the initial restrictions it has been great to catch up with friends and family (some far away and others in the same village of Landry – close to Les Arcs) on group calls or video chats.


I have been amazed at the ingenuity around with invites from friends for an Apéro, family for a shared meal and local bands to join them for a gig on Facebook.

Time to Cook

Although Snowchateaux work has continued to keep me busy during the days, I have enjoyed the evening challenge of cooking with limited trips to the Supermarket, even though our local supermarkets have remained well-stocked. We have gone through every cupboard and tried to come up with a meal to use up all the odd items including that jar of tamarind paste we never used!

Sri Lankan Tamarind Chicken Curry

The jar is still in the cupboard but this recipe was what we originally found to cook.

Clearing Out

Our free time has been spent mostly rearranging with a good dose of clearing out spare rooms and seeing what we can put to sell on eBay and what can be given away to a new home once lockdown is over. We have been using local Facebook groups, the Facebook marketplace and eBay. Stuff we have sold includes old mobile phones and an old laptop.

Renovs and DIY

With all the rooms cleared, cleaned and beds made ready for friends and family guests, I think I will need to start on those renovations and improvements we have been trying to do for the last five years. The satellite dish finally made out of the dining room onto the roof last weekend! I used the handy SatFinder app to help set it up. I have fitted a few in the past and have the gear to make it an easy task.

Another Language

I’ve also tried to improve my beginner Spanish using Duolingo, a great little app for anyone that fancies learning a new or lost language.


Brighter Prospects

Here’s to looking forward to:

  • an end to the lockdown
  • to the return of international travel so we can get back to the sun and snow
  • testing out my new Spanish lingo…


Adios amigos! Asta la vista.

Olivier de Marion

General Manager France